About Local Lodge 4

       Local Lodge 4 was founded by a handful of workers at the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. After years of going with little to no raises and large rises in health care costs, the employees of DynCorp International had reached the breaking point. A faltering government wage system and a company’s unwillingness to listen forced the employees to take matters into their own hands. The 800 plus employees of DynCorp International came together as one body to fight for fair wages, benefits, and equal treatment for all of its members. On September 1, 2007 a collective bargaining agreement between DynCorp and its employees was agreed to by an overwhelming majority and Local Lodge 4 was born.

     Now the members and their elected representative strive to continue that fight. With each battle won and more and more learning experiences to call our own, Local Lodge 4 grows stronger each day. It is through the strength of its members and the resolve of its representatives that justice will come to pass. It is OUR union! Helping you help yourself.

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